You’re either here for the Numbers or the food. I bet it’s more of a shock for the food people and right about now you’re thinking “what”? Just stick with me and it’ll all become clear. 2 passions, 1 web site.There is a connection.

Those just interested in food head to Food for Thought or feel free to read on as it just might interest you. Not only can your name describe you it can determine your cravings for certain types of foods and also reveal health weaknesses.

This isn’t another numerology site but it does have to do with numbers, 9 of them, and how they are arranged in your name. Not only can your name describe you it can determine your cravings for certain types of foods and also reveal health weaknesses.

¬†You are your name. You won’t consciously exist without one. The quality of your mind or personality is formed as a response to life’s experiences which are set in motion through language and your name. After all your name is a word and words have meaning so why wouldn’t your name.

Your mind is responsible for how you think, feel, express yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, positive and negative characteristics so if I can tell you these things through a name analysis then that should lead you to understand that the mind is created through the name.

My intention with this site is to help you understand yourself and your life. I’m not asking you to take my word for it or go on blind faith. The Numbers are a mathematical principle that, once studied, will prove itself to you. This is not psychic/voodoo or cult material. It will explain why all your siblings, raised with the same morals or values, can be so different. Why do some worry and others not? Why some people are more confident than others. It’s a fascinating study.

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