Facts On Phytochemicals

PhytochemicalsFacts On PHYTOCHEMICALS “Only found in plants you say”

Vegetables and fruit are not only rich in essential vitamins and minerals and fibre; they’re also rich in compounds called phytochemicals that provide benefits beyond basic nutrition. Phytochemicals are found only in plants. Many phytochemicals are pigments that give plants their color. They act as antioxidants, substances that protect the body from free radicals (by-products of everyday metabolism) and toxic substances that damage cells and cause disease.

Amount of minerals in organic food compared to conventional food.

*Calcium: 63 percent higher *Chromium: 78 percent higher
*Iodine: 73 percent higher *Iron: 59 percent higher
*Magnesium: 138 percent higher *Potassium: 125 percent higher
*Selenium: 390 percent higher *Zinc: 60 percent higher

“Organic Foods vs. Supermarket Foods: Element Levels,” Journal of applied Nutrition 45 (1993): 35-39.

One of California’s leading environmental problems: Drought

*Tomatoes 23 gallons *Lettuce 23 gallons
*Potatoes 24 gallons *Wheat 25 gallons
*Carrots 33 gallons *Apples 49 gallons
*Eggs 544 gallons *Chicken 815 gallons
*Pork 1630 gallons *Beef 5214 gallons

“May All Be Fed Diet For A New World” by John Robbins, pg. 263.