Services Offered

NAME ANALYSIS – Discover the meaning of your first and last name and see how they help or hinder you in life. Based on the date of your birth determine the birth path or life lesson you were born to live. See how these influences create harmony or discord in your life. For personal interest or for those who feel something is missing in their lives this analysis can be quite revealing. The analysis will briefly touch on the cycle year that you are currently in. See Cycle Analysis for further information. $125.00

CYCLE ANALYSIS – This cycle information is a valuable tool in guiding you in personal and business affairs. Knowing when you should start or quit a job, make major purchases, start a relationship, hire an employee etc makes life run more smoothly and in tune with nature. This report covers not only the year overall but each month as well. $75.00

BABY NAMES – By working with your family name we’ll provide some choices for a baby’s first name. This will give the baby the potential to attract more positive experiences in life.
Let’s not forget the four-legged creatures 🙂 $50.00

BUSINESS NAME – Just as your name attracts positive and negative aspects so does a business name. We will work with you to provide some numerically balanced names (up to 5). We will also put the business in the right cycle as well as include dates that the business should be registered in. All this, will give you the highest potential for success. $175.00

Please contact us with the name(s) of those that interest you. We will require some information from you in order to complete your request.


4 WEEK (8 HRS) $180.00 – Discover what real food tastes like! This class will not only provide you with delicious dishes to try, you will also be educated on a planet-based diet, what it is and its benefits. The course is divided into 4 modules, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack/desert. For an intimate setting class size will be a minimum of 4 and no more than 6 people. At the end of the 4 weeks, with a good understanding of nutrition, you will be able to make healthy choices when you head to the grocery store. Recipes and informative handouts will be provided.

2 hours $45.00 – This is a customized class that covers a different theme each time. Such as a variety of soups one class to hot and cold salads for the next. We will also cover Indian dishes, casseroles and deserts etc.

And for those that don’t want to cook but want healthy meals prepared for them please contact at the address shown below.

Note: All food and spices are organic. Anything cooked with water is fluoride and chlorine free by using a ionizer filtration system.

Please contact us for upcoming classes or customized group classes.

Alixe T Taylor