Who is Alixe

Who is Alixe T Tayler
I had always been a person who never felt connected to the rest of the world.

While the masses went one way I was going the other. Still there came a time in my life that I knew I had to make some changes. I just didn’t know where to look. My biggest problem was that being so sensitive and introverted I didn’t know how to communicate with people very well. I figured if I went to see a doctor they would just put me on some anti-depressants and send me home.

Over the years I had read many self help books, watched Oprah for the latest on fixing your life & even for 2 years did daily positive affirmations on how I wanted to change. Nothing worked! A family member suggested I go see a hypnotherapist, that he had met, as this man had some very interesting theories on life. This intrigued me so I booked an appointment.

First thing I noticed was the different way he spelled his name so I questioned this. For the next 3 hours he introduced me to the numbers and explained, by a simple mathematical formula how your name is who you are. He suggested I get the book “Miracle of Names” by Clayne Conings and contact him as ” he will tell you more about yourself than you even know”.

I wrote to Clayne telling him the problems I was having and he did a name analysis for me. With only my name and birth date this man told me who I was, how I felt and why I was having problems. I was completely dumbfounded!
It was really quite simple, your birth date inclines you and your name compels you. So in my case my birth date is social and my name was anti-social. So for most of us we are pulled from who we truly are and what we should be doing with our lives.
His suggestion was to change my name, first and last, to something more balanced that would allow my true potential to come out. Now for some, or maybe most, this is just absurd. A name change is going to change who I am and how I think? Well, like I said, I’m not like most so within a couple of months I legally changed my name. Coming from an analytical back ground I am not one to follow blind belief. I needed something that could be proven.

I then ordered Clayne’s correspondence course and started to learn. I was fortunate at the time to be working in an environment with a lot of people so I could test this knowledge.
Since the change, done in 2000, not only have my relationships with people changed dramatically I experienced other changes. I learned that the numbers can also relate to your health. My name analysis indicated I’d suffer from digestive issues which has been an issue my entire life.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but never what I was cooking…….until I was introduced to organic whole, plant based, foods. Wow, instantly I could taste the life, the energy and the vitality it offered. The love for knowledge on good nutrition and the truth about nutrition has taken me through many hours of research and certification in Plant Based Nutrition by Dr T. Colin Campbell. Along with continually learning and being mentored by like minded individuals I now teach cooking and provide education on whole foods.

There is a direct correlation in one’s name/numbers to the food they crave and also the sicknesses or health weaknesses you are prone to. So with these 2 passions I hope to inspire, educate and open you up to a new world of possibilities for well being mentally and physically.

To continued learning and growing.Alixe T Tayler

Alixe T Taylor