Your Year

Plants have a growing season. You plant a seed and it goes through stages before its ready for picking and eating.
Animals also follow a cycle. Birds, for example, migrate at the necessary time. There is a proper time to do things in order for successful completion. You cannot plant a seed in the middle of winter and expect it to grow.
This applies to humans in the sense that there is a right time or a wrong time to start a business, a relationship, invest, quit or begin a job etc. If things are done at the right time the cycle will support the endeavor in a natural rhythmic way.

1. Take the month and day of your birth. Example: December 14
December 14
3 5
12th month…1+2=3) (1+4=5)
Now add the above numbers. 3 + 5 = 8

2. Take the total of 8 and add it to the current year. For example, let’s say, the current year is 2005
Now you take the 15 which converts to a 6(1+5)

3. To the number determined in #2, in this case 6, add a 1* and this determines the cycle year you are in. So 6+1=7. This person is in a 7 cycle year.
* a 1 is add to the current year ie: 2003+1, 2004+1, 2005+1 and so on. It is very important to add the 1 to the current year.
Note: all numbers are reduced to a single digit.
Ex: 16 is 1+6=7
22 is 2+2=4
19 is 1+9=10 so 1+0=1
Below will give you a brief description of each year, 1 to 9.

1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 Year6 Year7 Year8 Year9 Year
A time to start something new, something of your very own. It’s a very strong year with tremendous endurance. This year lays the foundation for the next 8 years. Follow your dream and don’t let anything stop you from achieving it.
This year is about moving ahead through the association with people. This year is very social and nurturing. You will be a little passive, need more sleep and find it easy to procrastinate. You need to eat light as weight gain can be an issue.
This can be an emotional year. It can be filled with lots of humor, optimism and enthusiasm. It’s a very artistic year along with being scattered and more disorganized than usual. It’s a great year to entertain and be entertained. Beware of indulgences, especially sugar.
This is a year of hard work with little to show for it. You will be tested in every aspect of your life with March and December being the most adverse. It’s a time when your powers of concentration are at their peak. Avoid heavy foods as you are prone to stomach/intestinal issues.
The 5 year is very active full of change and new ideas. It’s a good time to travel and to seek the truth in whatever you are doing. Challenge the norm. You may be impulsive and try many things. Watch out for stomach issues and bouts of depression.
This year can bring a feeling of confidence if you have been in tune to your yearly cycle. It’s a very responsible year where family is concerned. It’s a great year to have kids or to make major purchases. It can also be a year of worry.
This year is a time to withdraw from the materiality and crassness of the world. It’s a time to go within to discover greater mental awareness and a greater meaning to life. You will get the most by being by yourself reading books and exploring the outdoors. There is the tendency to go into a mood.
This is your harvest year which you will reap materially as well as mentally. You will reap the good with the bad. July is a good time to go after that pay raise. The lesson this year is humility. There is a tendency to be domineering and overbearing this year.
This is the time to rid yourself of things that don’t work anymore. It can be a year full of great emotion with extreme highs and lows. Anything started will not work out as this year as it is one of letting go. The first half of the year is very reflective with the second half wondering where life will take you. You may be more tired this year so lots of rest is vital for your coming 1 year cycle.

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Alixe T Taylor